There are two types of group missions

All For One
Think of an All For One Mission like adding everyone's distances together

  • Complete the mission together as a group!
  • Each member logs their own distance
  • There is only one marker on the map that updates whenever someone posts a distance
  • Every time a distance is logged the groups position advances along the mission path
  • Great for really long distance missions
  • Less competitive but more united with everyone contributing to the overall goal
  • You can still have "teams" within the group but these will not be shown on the map, only the leaderboard.

Each To Complete
Each person (or you can put people into teams) is tasked with completing the entire mission

  • Everybody has their own marker which shows on the map (unless they are in a team in which the team marker will show)
  • Everybody has to complete the full mission
  • Each member logs their own distance
  • Every time they log a distance their individual position advances along the mission path
  • Each member can see where they are in relation to other members of the group
  • Great for a competitive environment where people can battle it out to reach the finish first

Note: A mission type can’t be changed once a mission has started so choose carefully!

You can choose your mission type on the ‘start mission’ page

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