You can either manually approve people who request to join or you can set up "Auto Join" so that people can join automatically

People can join your group mission in 2 ways

  1. Via the web. Send the person a link to the mission page.
    When they visit the mission page they should click the green "Join" button.
    Alternatively people can search for the mission here
  2. Via the app. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store and go to the main menu and then "Start / Join". They should search for the mission and go to it and click the "Join Mission" link

Once the person has requested to join the mission they will either be joined automatically (if you have "Auto Join" set to on) or they will be pending your approval. To approve them, just pop in to your admin area.

Auto Join
You can set up auto join so that you don't have to manually accept people into the mission.
It is wise to set a password so that only people with the password can join (to stop random people from joining)

If you have team set up then each person who goes to join the mission will be able to select which team to join or they have an option to join without being allocated into team. You can allocate them a team later.

Here is a section in a video showing how to add people

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