We realize how frustrating it is when things that are supposed to work, don't work.

Here are some Strava troubleshooting tips - please read them carefully as they solve 99.9% of problems. 

  1. Posting via Strava is an MVM Premium feature. You can purchase premium in the app or via the website when logged in. If your premium expired and then you re-up it then you will need to also reconnect with Strava from the "My Connections" page.
  2. Distances in Strava MUST be marked as public (NOT private) 
  3. Please check in your Strava account that there are not any outstanding policy updates that you need to agree to i.e. Privacy policy etc.
  4. Only distances AFTER you connect Strava to MVM will come in. i.e. It will not import any distances prior to the time you make the connection
  5. If having issues, please double check that you have connected MVM to the correct Strava account. Some people accidentally have 2 Strava accounts with one being active and one being inactive. (Usually if they sign up with Facebook and then email)
  6. Sometimes there can be a delay of a few hours from when you complete a Strava activity and when it gets sent to MVM 
  7. For some reason, sometimes the first distance you post in Strava after connecting to MVM doesn't come through. Keep an eye out and you may have to manually enter that first one.
  8. Group mission posting permissions - If you are on a group mission, the mission admin may have disabled Strava which means you are not allowed to post distances to that mission via Strava. They may have also disabled running or cycling. Please check with the group mission admin.
  9. Person posting preferences - You may have intentionally or accidentally disabled Strava as a source for a mission. On the app you can check by going to "Me and my missions", and clicking the little "+" symbol to view what sources and types you allow to be posted to a mission.
  10. If none of this works then delete your Strava connection from MVM and wait 24 hours and reconnect.
  11. Please note: If you delete a distance in Strava it will not be deleted in MVM. You will need to delete it manually.
  12. Sometimes at Strava's end they have timeouts and miss sending us data. This shouldn't occur regularly though.

We hope this helps with getting set up with Strava and My Virtual Mission.

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