Here are some things to check to make sure Fitbit posts to your mission correctly.

  1. Make sure that that you have established the connection between My Virtual Mission and Fitbit. This can be done in the "My connections" area.
  2. Make sure that the timezone of your Fitbit account matches with the timezone of your MVM account. This is VERY important for data accuracy.
  3. Make sure that for each mission that you want your Fitbit data to post to, you have enabled multi posting by going to "Mission control" then "Posting preferences" (Only applicable if you have more than one mission.
  4. Make sure that you sync your Fitbit device daily with your Fitbit account. We check Fitbit around 2am your time to collect the data from your Fitbit account for the previous day and apply it to your mission. If there is no data for that day in your Fitbit account at the time we check for it then nothing will come through. Even if you sync once per week, it will only bring in the data for the previous day. ( we are working on some changes around this)
  5. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please disconnect Fitbit from your MVM account and then wait 24 hours and reconnect.
  6. Please also check that your privacy settings in you Fitbit account are not preventing Fitbit from sending us your data. 
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