This information is only applicable to Conqueror challenges

If you are using The Conqueror App:

  1. Go into the Challenge you would like to modify.
  2. In the right hand drop down menu, click on the cog icon (settings).
  3. Open the 'timeframe" section.
  4. Use the scroller to select your new start date (and if desired your timeframe, which will control how fast your pace marker moves)
  5. Click "Save & Close"

If you are using the My Virtual Mission App:

Currently you are only able to back date a start date i.e. You can't set a future start date.

When you join a challenge, the challenge will automatically start on that date. If you want to start on a different date from the day you join you will need to backdate the start date.

To backdate the start date once you have joined the challenge:

  • Log in to your My Virtual Mission account and go to the main page for the challenge
  • Go to "Mission Control" at the top and select "Set timeframe"
  • Here you can set a timeframe in weeks and backdate your start date
  • Make sure you save the changes
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