Teams can be set up on the web or via the app


Set up a new team

  • Log into your account at
  • Select “My Events” from the main menu
  • Select “Add new team”
  • Fill in the team details and upload an image (optional)
  • Click “Save team”


  • Log in to your app and go to the mission page
  • Click the 'Mission Control' menu from the top
  • Click "My Events"
  • Select the challenge you want to create a team for
  • In the "Team" section. Click Add New Team
  • Follow the steps and your all done

Add people to your team

  • Copy your custom team link that appears on the “My Events” page. It will look something like this
  • Send the link to anyone who you want to join your team.
  • When thye click on the link they will be asked to register for the challenge or sign in (if they are already registered)
  • Once the person registers or signs in they will automatically be added to your team.
  • You can view or manage your team from the “My Events” page
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