Note: My Virtual Mission is both a web and mobile app with full syncing between web and mobile. While it is possible to set up a group mission using the mobile, it is much easier to manage your participants on their wellness mission using a desktop or laptop computer. The below instructions relate to the web version. 

Please also note that if you are setting up a free trial mission that the free trial is intended only for evaluation purposes for the administrator and a few colleagues. It is not a "free first mission".

There is a video tutorial near the bottom of this article

Getting set up

To get set up go to

  • Select the group mission type that you want to go with
  • Plot your mission on the map by first clicking a start point and clicking as many points as you wish to build the route. This can be changed at any point so don't worry about getting it perfect for now.
  • Complete the rest of the page. At step 6 select "Manually start mission later" - This means that your mission will not be launched until you are ready to do so, often this is done on a particular date or once participants have been on boarded.

On the next page you will set up your group profile. Just fill in the details and upload an image such as your company logo.

Keep following the steps until you arrive at your mission page.

Setting up teams

The next step is to set up your teams.
If you don't want teams then you can skip this part.

You can either set up teams before you start inviting people to join or you can invite people to join and then set up teams or a combo of the two.

If you set up teams before people join then people can join straight into their team if they know what team to join. This can be helpful to cut down admin time.

Note: You don't have to create teams if you just want people to participate as individuals.

To set up a team:

  • Go to the "Admin" tab on the mission page
  • Click "Add new team".
  • Give the team and name and assign an image.
  • Hit save 

Do this for each team that you want to create.

Inviting people to join

Now it's time to start onboarding your participants.

Here is an on-boarding document that you can send to your participants. Just fill out your mission details on page 2, or you can delete that page if you wish.

Head over to the "Admin" tab on the mission page (just above the map)

From here you can enable "Auto join" which means that people who apply to join your mission will automatically be accepted into the mission. This saves you manually having to accept each person.

As a security measure you can set an "auto join code" so that only people who enter that code when they apply to join your mission will be automatically joined. People who don't enter the code will have to be manually approved by you (or declined). 

Now you are ready to start inviting people to join your mission!

  • Send people the link to your mission page
  • Each person will need to go to the mission page and click the "Join" button (Spoiler alert: It's the green button)
  • When a participant applies to join the mission, they will each be prompted to register an account with My Virtual Mission.

Launching your mission

  • When you are ready to put your mission live you need to "launch" the mission.
  • You can launch the mission from the mission page. Near the top there will be a message with a link that you can click to launch the mission.
  • You're away! People can then start posting distances.

If you are setting up the mission as part of a corporate wellness live mission or trial mission then please let us know once you are set up so we can enable a few extra features and check that your account set up is all ok.


How to set up a group mission: 

Example of an Each to Complete mission type


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