If you are using The Conqueror App please go to this article to see the specific steps.

Using the My Virtual Mission App

Our connection with Apple Health allows you to send data from Health to your mission(s).

Please note that we post Apple Health data to a mission every 6 hours. So you will not see any distance being posted to your mission for 6 hours.

Where to enable/disable each data source

Each of these data sources can be enabled or disabled from the "Connections" page in the My Virtual Mission iPhone app.

Main menu >>> Connections >>> Apple Health

It is important to monitor what distances are being posted by Apple Health to avoid duplicates.

How to avoid duplicates

If you have an iPhone and and Apple Watch and you always have your Apple Watch on then you should disable iPhone as as source from inside My Virtual Mission.

This is to avoid the situation where you have both your Apple Watch on your wrist AND your iPhone in your pocket and walked for 1 mile, for example.

In that scenario My Virtual Mission would receive 1 mile from your Apple Watch and 1 mile from your iPhone - Therefore 2 miles would get posted to your mission which is not correct.

Another scenario to avoid is having duplicate connections.

An example is your connect your Strava directly to My Virtual Mission and also you connect your Strava to Apple Health.

If you went for a ride with Strava then the distance would be duplicated because My Virtual Mission would receive it once via the direct connection with Strava and again via Apple Health. We suggest in that scenario that you disable Strava from coming in from Apple Health.

It is very important that you take the time to set this up correctly to avoid duplicate data or missing out on data you want.

Explaining Duplicate Data

What the Apple Health and My Virtual Mission connection does

Apple Health receives data (distances) from many different sources such as:

  • iPhone step data recorded by the iPhone when you move
  • Wearable devices such as Apple Watch¬†
  • Other fitness apps such as Runtastic, Garmin Connect etc

Trouble shooting

If your distances are not coming through from Apple Health as you expect them to then please check every single point below before contacting support.

  • Please note that we post Apple Health data to a mission every 6 hours. So you will not see any distance being posted to your mission for 6 hours.
  • Check that you have set up and enabled your connection with Apple Health by following the steps above.
  • Open Apple Health, click the circular icon, that probably contains your initials, to the right of the heading "Summary". Select "Apps" then "MyMission" and make sure that ALL 3 options are enabled. "Cycling distances" "Steps" and "Walking and running distances".¬†
  • Check your missions posting preferences to ensure your mission is set to accept Apple Health data and the exercise type you want to post such as walking.
  • If on a group mission, check with the mission admin that they are allowing Apple Health as a source and check they allow the exercise type such as walking (or whatever you are trying to post) to the mission. Some admins elect to disable some sources and types e.g. 'Strava only" missions that don't want people posting walking distances.
  • If you still experience difficulty, then please delete the MVM app from your phone completely (don't worry your data will not be lost) wait 24 hours and then reinstall it. Make sure you enable all permissions.

My distances are inaccurate:

  • Check that your MVM timezone is set to the same timezone as your iPhone. (Main menu>>>My Settings)
  • Check your Apple Health data sources from inside MVM and from Apple Health
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