To join a Conqueror challenge you need to first purchase an entry into a challenge from

A few minutes after your purchase the entry we will send you an email with the subject "Important Registration Information". If it doesn't arrive, please check your junk/bulk folder.

If you still haven't receive the email then it is most likely that an incorrect email was entered during the checkout. This is quite common - don't panic we will get it sorted. Just ping us a message.

In the "Important Registration Information" email you will have a "join code" and some instructions on how to join.

Simply follow the instructions carefully and you will be joined to the challenge.

Additional Entry Upgrade

If you took advantage of purchasing an additional challenge entry at a discount at the time of your purchase then the join code for that challenge will also be included in the registration email. So make sure you keep it in a safe place.

To join the additional challenge, just use the join code in the same way as you did the first one.

IMPORTANT: The join code goes into the My Virtual Mission app/web and is not a discount code.

Adding your join code

Step 1 - Sign up or login to the My Virtual Mission app (Available on the App and Play store) 

Step 2 - Once signed in, go to the main menu and click "The Conqueror"

Step 3 - Click the blue "Enter Join Code" button

Step 4 - Enter your join code into the box and follow the rest of the steps

Other points

  • You can participate in as many challenges at a time as you like
  • You can give an unused join code to someone else if you wish. They need to follow the same steps as above to join the challenge

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