When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts at 12.01 am on January 1st 2020 based on your My Virtual Mission timezone

When will I receive my medal?

Once you reach your distance goal for 2020 we will send you your awesome finishers medal. Medals will ship from later in the year.

What distance do I need to cover?

You can set your own distance goal and optionally enter a motivating reason why you want to achieve that distance.

Can I create a team?

No. The 2020 challenge is for individuals only.

What if I don't complete the distance?

You have the option to change your goal throughout the year if you require. This is to accommodate you if you have sickness or injury or other reasons why you might need to change your goal. You can also extend the goal if you want to.

How do I submit my distances?

You can submit your distances through our web or mobile apps. Search for My Virtual Mission on the app or play store

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