Race Host Missions are perfectly suited to:

  • Event organizers wanting to set up their own virtual race using our technology platform
  • Charities wanting create a virtual race as a fundraiser
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to start their own virtual races

Established in 2013, My Virtual Mission is now a leader in map based virtual fitness challenges. Our advanced technology platform is used by hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Our platform is perfectly positioned for others to be able to deliver virtual fitness challenges either as once of events or as an ongoing series.

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How do I set up a Race Host mission?
Setting up a Race Host mission is quick and easy. You can get started straight away by clicking here, although we do recommend first doing a "wellness trial" mission so you can better understand the platform.

What is the pricing for Race Host missions?
Race host missions are billed for on a "per person" who joins the mission basis.
Their are pricing tiers based on the total volume of participants across all your Race Host missions.
We offer wholesale and charity pricing on request. Please visit https://wellness.myvirtualmission.com/race-host/

How long does it take to get a Race Host mission set up and launched?
Without a word of a lie, you can go from zero to launched in under 5 minutes. However it will likely take you longer than that because we know you will not rush and will take the time to read and understanding things as you go!

It really is worth putting a good amount of thought and consideration into how you want to structure your Race Host mission. While lots of things can be easily changed, there are a few things that are not able to be changed once the mission is set up.

We are always happy to discuss and held you with your options around this.

Race Host Video Series

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