Live missions require payment in order to launch, either by yourself, or by your participants.

There are two options available for billing on the Race Host platform - Wallet Billing, and Mission Page Checkout.

Both options can be accessed via MISSION CONTROL > MANAGE BILLING

  1. "Wallet" style billing system

You can fund an account with us and when the mission is launched, funds are deducted from your wallet by the appropriate "per person" pricing (Available form your billing page). You can on board participants prior to launching your mission, and wait until you are ready to launch your mission at which time you will be directed to fund your wallet by the appropriate amount. The wallet can also be used for any additional people that join the mission after it has been launched. If your wallet is empty, any additional participants will go into the pending section under the admin tab.

Funding your wallet can be done on the billing page, by entering the desired top up amount (MISSION CONTROL > MANAGE BILLING > Wallet)

This will instantly create an invoice which can be paid by credit card, or saved as a PDF and forwarded to the relevant department. When you pay your invoice, the funds will automatically be added to your account.

If you are unable to pay by credit card or for an amount larger than $2,000 USD then please contact your account manager to arrange a different payment method.

Wallet billing is suitable for groups who are funding a mission for participants, or groups who are managing registrations through their own channels.

2. Mission Page Checkout

You also have the option to host a checkout on your mission page. This is a popular option for charity groups and others who are wanting to collect donations/payments at the point of entry.

You will need to set up a Stripe account, or connect an existing Stripe account to your mission page in order to use the mission page checkout.

You can connect your Stripe account via MISSION CONTROL > MANAGE BILLING > Mission Page Checkout

Once you have connected your Stripe account, you can set your entry amounts via the ‘Platform’ tab on your mission page ‘Set your pricing’. You can either charge a fixed entry amount, or a variable entry amount. When a participant makes their payment to join, we deduct our platform fee, and the remainder goes directly to your Stripe account, which will be linked to your bank account. Stripe transaction fees are charged on the total payment amount. Please check out to view their current rates.

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