When you form a team, you and your team members distances will be added together. Your team icon will advance along the pathway each time a team member posts a distance.

** Each person who wants to join the team will need to purchase their own entry into the challenge. When the challenge is complete then each person will receive a medal. **

Follow these steps to create or enter a team from The Conqueror App:

1. Login into your account and on the main page, find the challenge that you want to create the team for and click on "View Challenge".

2. In your challenge's main page, click on the rocket icon in the top right of the map:

3. From the dropdown menu, click on the gear icon:

4. You will then reach your challenge's options, expand the Teams section and you will be able to see the Create a Team and Join Existing Team Option. Select the option of your choice.

To Create a new team:

1. Type the Team Name and select the team's image (optional), then click on Save & Close:

2. Once the team is created, you will be able to edit (pencil icon) or delete it (trash icon). You will also have the team code available that you can copy and send to your friends. Below that section, you will be able to see the people on the team. If you created the team, then you will be the team captain and will have a (C) next to your name. For reference, please see the image below:

To Join Existing Teams:

1. In the Join Existing Team Section, you will need to paste the team code provided by your team captain and then click on Join Team as shown below:

2. Once you have joined the team, you will be able to see the team code and the people on the team (see below).

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