Setting up teams for Conqueror challenges. 

How teams work

When you form a team, you and your team members distances will be added together. Your team icon will advance along the pathway each time a team member posts a distance.

** Each person who wants to join the team will need to purchase their own entry into the challenge. When the challenge is complete then each person will receive a medal. **

Set up a new team

You can set up a new team either in the web or via the iPhone or Android mobile app.

  • Log in to the My Virtual Mission and go to the mission page for the challenge you want to create a team for
  • Click the 'Mission Control' menu and then "Manage Challenge"
  • Scroll down to the teams section and click "Create new team"
  • Fill in the team details and upload an image (optional)
  • Click “Save team”

This will create a "Team Code" that you can share with people who want to join the team.

Joining a team

The process goes like this

  1. Join the challenge - Using your "Join Code" from when you purchase an entry into the challenge.
  2. Join the team -  Using your "Team Code" that your team captain sends you.

Firstly you need to join the challenge. You can purchase an entry to the challenge at and follow the information about who to join the challenge.

Your team captain will send you a special "Team Code" (not to be confused with a "Join Code" which you use to join the challenge).

  • Login or create a My Virtual Mission account
  • Join the challenge by following the instructions in the registration email
  • Go to "Mission Control" at the top and then "Manage Challenge"
  • Scroll to the team section
  • Click "Join existing team"
  • Enter the team code and submit
  • You are now on the team!

Important points about teams

  • The team captain controls the challenge time frame for the team.
  • Upon completion of the challenge, the team captain must mark the challenge as complete.
  • After the challenge as been marked as complete, EACH member of the team needs to confirm their delivery address for their medal. This can be done on the main challenge page as a pop up window will appear.
  • The team captain can remove people from a team or delete the team. If the team is deleted then people who were in the team will revert to being individuals on the challenge and retain their own distances.
  • The team captain is in control of what "communities" the team joins.
  • Teams do no roll over from challenge to challenge. A new team needs to be formed for each challenge.
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