Before you start

  • Welcome! It is so great that you are here and we really look forward to getting you set up with an awesome workplace wellness mission for your organization or group.

  • Our standard wellness challenge pricing can be found here

  • If you would like a custom proposal for our workplace wellness program, please submit an inquiry form here

  • Mission set up is only available on the web via desktop/laptop computer. We do have a mobile app for iOS and Android that people can use to participate in the mission.

  • If you are wanting to set up a group mission and charge participants an entry fee then please read the article about setting up a Race Host mission here

Step 1 - Mission Type

To get set up go to

  • Click the "Create Your Own Mission" button

  • Select "Group Mission"

  • Create a new group by entering a name and description

  • Choose a billing currency. For trial missions you will not incur any charges but are still required to set up a currency for display purposes.

  • From the "Group Type" area, select either "Trial Mission" or "Workplace Wellness Mission"

  • We recommend that all groups set up a trial mission before proceeding with a workplace wellness mission

  • Click the button at the bottom "Next: Map Setup"

Step 2: Map Setup

Here you can create the mission pathway on the map by clicking points to build your own custom route.

Important points

  • Once your map is created it can be edited at any time BUT you can only edit the map by undoing or adding points on the map.

  • "Snap to Roads" is on by default. This means that your pathway between the points that you plot will follow the road network (and give your participants some Street Views where available!). You can turn Snap to Roads off if you want to go in straight lines instead. You can switch between the two options if you wish.

  • Warning! If you hit the "reset" button, your mission pathway will completely disappear.

  • The "Undo" button removes the last point you plotted on the map. But you probably already knew that.

  • You can plot as many points on the map as you wish.

  • Points on the map are not waypoints on the mission. They are only used to create the mission.

Plotting your path

  • Find the location on the map that you want to start from. It pays to zoom right into this location so that you get an accurate starting point.

  • Click on the map at the point you want your mission to start from. A marker should appear.

  • Continue to click on the map to build the pathway. Note the distance increases each time you plot a point on the map. Handy!

  • When you are happy with the mission pathway, click the "Next: Mission Information" button.

  • You can always come back and edit the map later on if you wish via ‘Mission Control >> Edit Mission’ at the top right of your mission page.

Step 3 - Mission Information

Mission details

  • Fill in the appropriate mission information details. These details can be updated in the future if you require.

Mission timeframe

  • The mission timeframe is the length of time that your mission will go for. You will need to manually launch the mission when you want to allow your participants to start posting distances.

  • For trial missions, you can set any duration however the mission will end 7 days after it is launched.

Mission privacy

  • Set the privacy of the mission to public or private. 

  • Private missions are not visible to anyone who hasn’t joined. You can still share your mission with specific people by sending them the link.

  • This setting can be updated at any time.

Launching your mission

  • Please read the important information about launching the mission

  • Once you are ready to create the mission, click the "Create Mission" button. 

  • This only creates the mission, it doesn't launch it

Congrats! You have just created your mission. You will be sent to the "mission page".


Your mission page

The mission page is the main page for your mission.

Admin tab

  • Export data logs. Useful for creating custom reports

  • Manage exercise types. Restrict which types of exercise, and which sources to allow onto the mission

  • Mission link

  • Auto join. Set a Mission Code to enable people who know the code to be able to automatically join the mission without your approval.

Setting up teams

If you don't want teams then you can skip this part and people can join as individuals.

You can either set up teams before you start inviting people to join or you can invite people to join and then set up teams or a combo of the two.

If you set up teams before people join then people can join straight into their team if they know what team to join. This can be helpful to cut down admin time.

Note: You can just have one giant team of people. There is no maximum or minimum number of people on a team

To set up a team:

  • Go to the "Admin" tab on the mission page

  • Click "Add new team".

  • Give the team and name and assign an image.

  • Hit save 

Do this for each team that you want to create.

Platform tab

  • Customise your header color and tab colors

  • Add a custom header

  • Add some milestones at points along your mission pathway - you can find out more about milestones here

  • Create a custom email to send to participants who complete the challenge


  • Add a link to an external fundraising page - this will show as a ‘Sponsor Mission’ button on your mission page.

  • Include some information about your cause.

  • Add a fundraising goal - this is a manually updated progress bar. Participants will need to set up their own peer-to-peer fundraising pages outside of My Virtual Mission if your goal is to raise funds.

Inviting people to join

Now it's time to start onboarding your participants.

For trial missions there is a maximum of 6 people on the mission.

Here is an on-boarding document that you can send to your participants. Just fill out your mission details on page 2, or you can delete that page if you wish.

Head over to the "Admin" tab on the mission page (just above the map)

From here you can enable "Auto join" which means that people who apply to join your mission will automatically be accepted into the mission. This saves you manually having to accept each person.

As a security measure you can set an "auto join code" so that only people who enter that code when they apply to join your mission will be automatically joined. People who don't enter the code will have to be manually approved by you (or declined). 

Now you are ready to start inviting people to join your mission!

  • Send people the link to your mission page

  • Each person will need to go to the mission page and click the "Join" button

  • When a participant applies to join the mission, they will each be prompted to register an account with My Virtual Mission.

  • From here, they can download the ‘My Virtual Mission’ app and will be in a holding pattern until you launch your challenge

Launching your mission

  • When you are ready to put your mission live you need to "launch" the mission.

  • You can launch the mission from the mission page. Near the top there will be a message with a link that you can click to launch the mission. This will take you to the billing area (see below for billing information)

  • You're away! People can then start posting distances.


  • Workplace wellness missions require payment in order to launch

  • Pricing is available from your billing page or can be found here

  • The wallet can also be used for any additional people that join the mission after it has been launched.

  • You can pre-fund your wallet at any time or you can wait until you are ready to launch your mission at which time you will be directed to pay for the participants on your challenge

  • Funding your wallet can be done on the billing page by selecting the top up amount. This will instantly create an invoice which can be paid by credit card.

  • If you are unable to pay by credit card or for an amount larger than $2,000 USD then please contact your account manager to arrange a different payment method.


  • If you or your participants need assistance during your challenge, we have a 24/7 support desk available for any technical queries

  • Our support team can be reached at [email protected]

  • We also have a comprehensive knowledge base which you can access here

Video Series

Video 1 -  Workplace Wellness mission overview

Video 2 - How to set up your Workplace Wellness mission

Video 3 - Joining the mission and team creation

Video 4 - Payment and mission launch

Video 5 - Admin functions overview

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