If you are using The Conqueror App please go to this article to see the specific steps.

Using the My Virtual Mission App

Apple Health can automatically send data from different sources to your mission(s) on My Virtual Mission.

If you have already set up Apple Health and are looking for information on how to manage the Apple Health data then please read this article

Requirements to connect with Apple Health:

  1. An iPhone with Apple Health enabled and running iOS v 12.4 or greater
  2. The latest version of the My Virtual Mission app installed from the App Store
  3. A My Virtual Mission account

Please note that we post Apple Health data to a mission every 6 hours. So you will not see any distance being posted to your mission for 6 hours.

Now all you need to do is follow the steps below

  1. Open and login to the My Virtual Mission app on your iPhone (must be the app, not website)
  2. Go to to the main menu in the app
  3. Tap on "My Settings"
  4. From the settings page, tap the red "Apple Health" button
  5. Enable Apple Health
  6. This will trigger the Health app to ask you for some permissions to read your data from Health.
  7. TURN ON ALL 3 OPTIONS - This is essential.
  8. At the top right of the screen, tap "Allow"
  9. IMPORTANT - You will be back in the MVM settings. You must click "Save" at the bottom! A confirmation message should appear to indicate your settings are saved.

Now that you are set up with Apple Health it is very important to learn how to manage your Apple Health data sources to avoid duplicates. 

Here is an article on how to manage your Apple Health connection

Video: How to connect with to Apple Health

Trouble shooting

If your distances are not coming through from Apple Health as you expect them to then please check every single point below before contacting support.

  • Please note that we post Apple Health data to a mission every 6 hours. So you will not see any distance being posted to your mission for 6 hours.
  • Check that you have set up and enabled your connection with Apple Health by following the steps above.
  • Open Apple Health, click the circular icon, that probably contains your initials, to the right of the heading "Summary". Select "Apps" then "MyMission" and make sure that ALL 3 options are enabled. "Cycling distances" "Steps" and "Walking and running distances". 
  • Check your missions posting preferences to ensure your mission is set to accept Apple Health data and the exercise type you want to post such as walking.
  • If on a group mission, check with the mission admin that they are allowing Apple Health as a source and check they allow the exercise type such as walking (or whatever you are trying to post) to the mission. Some admins elect to disable some sources and types e.g. 'Strava only" missions that don't want people posting walking distances.
  • If you still experience difficulty, then please delete the MVM app from your phone completely (don't worry your data will not be lost) wait 24 hours and then reinstall it. Make sure you enable all permissions.

My distances are inaccurate

  • Check that your MVM timezone is set to the same timezone as your iPhone. (Main menu>>>My Settings)
  • Check your Apple Health data sources from inside MVM and from Apple Health

My distances are greater that what is show in Apple Health

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