We are currently rebuilding our Google Fit Connection and hope to have it live in May.

Our connection with Google Fit allows you to send data from Google Fit to your mission(s).

Please note that we post Google Fit data to a mission every 6 hours. So you will not see any distance being posted to your mission for 6 hours.

Step 1: Connect with Google Fit

It is very important that you take the time to set this up correctly to avoid duplicate data or missing out on data you want.


  1. Android device with Google Fit installed

  2. The latest version of the My Virtual Mission app installed

  3. A My Virtual Mission account

Now all you need to do is follow the steps below

  1. Open and login to the My Virtual Mission app on your Android mobile device (must be the app, not website)

  2. Go to to the main menu in the app

  3. Tap on "My Settings" (NOT "My Connections!")

  4. From the settings page, tap the red "Google Fit" button

  5. Enable Google Fit

  6. This will trigger the Google Fit to ask you for some permissions to read your data from Google Fit data

  7. Select 'Allow" at the bottom of the page asking for the permissions

  8. At the top right of the screen, tap "Allow"

  9. IMPORTANT - You will be back in the MVM settings. You must click "Save" at the bottom! A confirmation message should appear to indicate your settings are saved.

Step 2: Manage Google Fit

Now that you are set up with Google Fit it is very important to learn how to manage your Google Fit data sources to avoid duplicates. 

Go to the main menu, then "My Connections"

You will see Google Fit at the top of the page. 

The status should say "Enabled"

Click the blue "Manage Connection" button

Here you will see the data sources that Google Fit is sending to us.

NOTE: It can take a while for Google Fit to start sending us your data so you may need to check back in a few hours

If you are noticing duplicate data on your missions then you can disable some of the sources by un-ticking the box next to it. This will stop those sources from being counted.

Troubleshooting Google Fit

If your distances are not coming through from Google Fit as you expect them to then please check every single point below before contacting support.

  • Please note that we post Google Fit data to a mission every 6 hours. So you will not see any distance being posted to your mission for 6 hours. Make sure that you don't toggle Google Fit on and off as the 6 hour period will reset.

  • Check that you have set up and enabled your connection with Google Fit by carefully following the set up instructions above.

  • Check your missions posting preferences to ensure your mission is set to accept Google Fit data and the exercise type you want to post such as walking. (Me and my missions then the "+" icon)

  • If on a group mission, check with the mission admin that they are allowing Google Fit as a source and check they allow the exercise type such as walking (or whatever you are trying to post) to the mission. Some admins elect to disable some sources and types e.g. 'Strava only" missions that don't want people posting walking distances.

  • If this does not resolve the issue then open Google Fit and go to the profile tab along the bottom. Then click the gear icon at the top right to open the settings. Scroll down to "Manage connected apps" and then "Google Fit apps & Devices". Tap "My Virtual Mission" and then "Disconnect". Then repeat the set up process from the start to reset the connection.

  • If you still experience difficulty, then please delete the MVM app from your phone completely (don't worry your data will not be lost) wait 24 hours and then reinstall it. Make sure you enable ALL permissions.

My distances are inaccurate

  • Check that your MVM timezone is set to the same timezone as your Android phone. (Main menu>>>My Settings)

  • Check your Google Fit sources as per Step 2 above.

My distances are greater that what is show in Google Fit

  • You may have multiple sources enabled that are sending us data for the same movement e.g. Samsun Watch and Google Fit movement tracker. You can manage these from: Main menu>>>My connections>>Manage Google Fit

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