Steps to Connect to Fitbit:

1. In the main screen, refer to the lower pane and select the last icon to the right as shown below:

2. Select Connections from the options:

3. From the Connection section, scroll to find the Fitbit option and click on Connect:

4. You will be directed to your Fitbit account login, input your credentials and click on Login.

5. When you get a similar notification like the one below, click on Open.

6.Your app should then show as connected. Mark the checkboxes for the activities from your Fitbit that you would like that come through and click on Save and Close.

Steps to Troubleshoot Fitbit:

*Please be aware that Fitbit will post to your mission once per 24 hours at 2am. It will back date to the distance to the previous day. Your first Fitbit distance will be posted to your mission the day after you connect your Fitbit account to MVM.*

  • Please keep in mind that we only receive Step distance from Fitbit, not any other type.
  • Make sure that you are already connected to your Fitbit account. You can do this by following the steps above in the article.
  • Make sure that the timezone of your Fitbit account matches with the timezone of your The Conqueror App/My Virtual Mission account.. This is very important for data accuracy. To check on this follow these steps:
  1. Open your Fitbit account on your phone and in the top left click on your picture:

2. Click on App Settings:

3. In the time zone, select your time zone or just take a look at your available time zone. If you have the automatic option you the time zone will be greyed out. You can also select the timezone of your choice if you disable the Automatic option.

4. Refer to your Conqueror App and click on the hamburger icon to the lower right:

5. Form the option select Settings:

6.From that section, make sure that the time zone is the same one that you have on your Fitbit account. Sometimes the time zone names may vary but as long as you use the correct GMT reference, you should be good to go.

7. Click Submit at the bottom:

  • Make sure that for each challenge that you want your Fitbit data to post to, that your posting preferences are set up correctly for that challenge. To know how to setup the posting preferences, please read this article by clicking here.
  • Make sure that you sync your Fitbit device daily with your Fitbit account. The automation to sync distances is everyday at 2am your local time This would be for the distances covered the previous day and apply it to your mission. If there is no data for that day in your Fitbit account at the time we check for it then nothing will come through. Even if you sync once per week, it will only bring in the data for the previous day. To sync the Fitbit data from your watch to your Fitbit account you first need to turn the Bluetooth on both your Phone and your Watch and then open the app you should get the following notification:

  • After sync is complete, you should get:

  • You need to do this everyday so your distances can properly sync to The Conquer app and to your challenges.
  • If after doing all this troubleshooting your devices is still not sync, email support at [email protected] with the following details: The app that you are using (The Conqueror or My Virtual Mission), Phone that your are using (E.G iPhone X, etc), your current Operating System and anything relevant for us to improve our connection. For some reason for 1% of our users, the Fitbit connection does not sync distances at all. This information will help us find the issues for improvements in the next app update.

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