Currently the information that Apple Health sends to The Conqueror App is not distinguishable as "workout" or "not workout" data unless you take these steps and use an additional app, ideally Strava (the free version works fine).

If you need to connect The Conqueror App to Apple Health first read this article.

1. It is best to not have the data coming from the Apple Watch in this situation as we are relying on the Apple Health on the phone to send the Strava data. So go into Connections on The Conqueror App and untick your Apple Watch.

2. Open Strava and go into your Profile Settings, and tap "Applications, Services and Devices"

3. Click on Connect with Health and then make sure Send to Health is "on"

4. Open Health and tap "Apps" under the privacy heading:

5. Select Strava and make sure the "Allow Strava to Write Data" buttons are on.

6. In The Conqueror App make sure the Challenge that you want to only receive workout data from has the "Apple Health - daily step data" off and the "Apple Health - from other apps" on.

7. Record you workout using the Strava app either on your iPhone or your AppleWatch

This will send this data to the Health App on your Phone.

8. The data will automatically synced onto your challenge.

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